We have officially finished all of this year's transplanting, and are now shifting gears and focusing on harvesting. Most crops are either on time or ahead of schedule. And, generally speaking, everything’s looking very good this year! The garlic is extra spicy, the green peppers are pungent, and the squash and green beans are fresh and abundant!

As always, if you have any questions for us regarding any of the crops we grow, please select the "Ask Tim and Ian" link below. Happy 4th of July! -Ian Teresi

Peppers have taken off well. They are pushing well and responding well to their daily spoonfuls of fertilizer. Petiole samples show good nutritional levels.

We interplanted alyssum and other flowers with the Organic peppers this year. Alyssum is well known for attracting and holding beneficial insects (to manage pests). Thus far, the technique appears to be working well. The pest pressure has not been bad.

We will continue to cultivate and fertilize our Peppers until harvest commences in late July or early August.

All plantings have germinated very well, and we are happily picking a lot of delicious squash!

Beans are doing very well. The flavor is exceptional because the mild spring weather allowed them to mature more slowly, which in turn allowed the plants to send the proper nutrients to the bean pods.

Garlic has all been cut and windrowed to cure. We have also started binning the Organic Garlic, which has dried down to the proper level. This process allows all the flavor and nutrients that were left in the leaves of the plants to move into the bulbs.