We’ve just about finished our 2020 season, and are already moving into 2021. Bok choy is our last crop slated for harvest this year, and once that harvest commences in a few weeks, I’m looking forward to giving all of our equipment a deep cleaning.

In farming, sometimes it feels as though our work is never done because we plant for the next season before the current one is complete, but it is the excitement and anticipation of what is to come that propels us.

As always, if you have any crop-related questions, please follow the email link below. Merry Christmas! – Ian Teresi

We finished up this year’s Pepper harvest with high quality and above average yields, which pleases us. We’re now in the process of evaluating yield and heat levels in our jalapenos as well as analyzing data collected from three different fruit trials comparing fertilizers and water stress.

We finished harvesting squash a few weeks ago. We were very pleased that we had great quality right up until the first frost.

The moisture and freezing temperatures ended our Bean season a little early, though we had good yields and good quality all throughout the growing season.

We began planting garlic in October, and we just finished planting our last field today (for spring harvest). Thus far, all of the plantings look good. This year, we are trying out a burner as a new form of weed control. Burners are a good organic weed control method that reduces the necessity for hand weeding and herbicide use.